Mark Antony Barnard

An alumni of the prestigious Mackintosh School of Architecture in Glasgow, Mark Barnard began his career in commercial practice, working on high profile, big-budget projects such as Wimbledon Court 1 & the Millennium Player’s Building (BDP), Masdar zero-carbon city in Abu Dhabi, and the giant Oz Malls in Russia (both with Dyer Associates).

But Mark’s passion lies with people, and he wanted to improve clients relationships with their living spaces and environments they use on a daily basis. This is when his solo practice, MAB Design & Development was born.

Mark now specialises in residential design & development. He works on a variety of project sizes, his philosophy being that it doesn’t matter how small or seemingly insignificant a change is, if it makes a person enjoy the space they use, then it’s worth doing. As well as residential, Mark has specialist experience in UK winery design, swimming pools & sports centres.  

Mark’s work on the carbon-neutral city of Masdar sparked a keen interest in ecological design and he has become one of a small number of architects in the UK to gain Passivhaus certification. He keeps fully up to date with the latest in ecological design, believing that it makes real cost savings in running a home as well as the benefit to the environment.  When not doing a full Passivhaus design, Mark still incorporates energy and cost saving elements into his projects.

Mark also works on his own development projects. Currently this is a 10 house, Passivhaus scheme in rural East Sussex.

Facade detail from Scoble Place

Facade detail from Scoble Place

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